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       | 聯系我們 | 網站地圖 | ENGLISH
      Finished Drugs
      Liquid Injections
      Powder for Injections
      Packing Materials
      One of the Top 10 Medicines and Medicals suppliers in China for years with good experiences, best quality, competitive price and high level service.
      Comprehensive production lines including Tablets, Capsules , Liquid Injections, Power for Injections, Infusion Solution, Drops and Sprays, Granules and Creams, Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles and Empty Capsules, Medical Disposals and Surgicals etc.
      Our own manufacturing base for different dosage form and all products are manufactured in facilities accredited by FDA/TGA/cGMP under strictly quality assurance system.
      Exclusive partnership with hundreds of outstanding Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers and customers all of the world.
      Many years experience in cGMP audit, CTD format dossier and product technique transfer to facilitate international regulatory approvals.
      Marketing & Distribution of the registered products in different areas based on exclusive agreement
      and cooperation.
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