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      FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals
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      Research Centre
      The Research Centre, which is located in FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals, is¡¡established¡¡with the support and¡¡cooperation¡¡ of the¡¡famous universities¡¡and¡¡institutes of¡¡pharmaceutical , agrochemicals , dye chemicals, fine chemicals and new drugs¡¡development.¡¡Its research team is composed of experienced¡¡experts, technicians with doctor or master degree , professional¡¡chemical synthesis workers, and is well equipped with advanced chemical synthesis and analytical instruments. There are four departments: Chemical Synthesis Department, Q.C.and Q.A. Department, New Drug Registration Department and the International Regulatory Affair Department.
      With years of¡¡development, the¡¡Research Centre has the ability to carry¡¡out¡¡chemical¡¡synthesis¡¡under¡¡various¡¡kinds of¡¡reaction conditions¡¡from¡¡milligrams¡¡level to kgs¡¡and tons lot ,¡¡which can supply our customers much different types of Contract Manufacturing and Contract Research¡¡services. Also it can accomplish the research and¡¡registration¡¡independently¡¡which¡¡refers¡¡to the¡¡aspects of importing drugs , Chemical drugs,¡¡Natural medicines¡¡and Biological products.
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