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      Company Name Change Announcement
      pubdate :2021-07-29

      July 22, 2021 


      Dear customers and partners,


      We hereby solemnly inform you that regarding the development and upgrading of our company, our original name "FARMASINO PHARMACEUTICALS (JIANGSU) CO., LTD" has been renamed to "FARMASINO CO., LTD".


      As from today, the new company name will be used in all aspects of our business, including all the internal and external paperwork, documents, bills, bank and tax registration information, etc. However, all the transactions and paperwork using the original company name prior to July 22, 2021 will continue to be valid, and the relevant business relationship will be unchanged. 


      The updated company information is as follows:


      Company name: FARMASINO CO., LTD


      Office address: Building 5, No.9 Weidi Road, Nanjing (210033), China


      Tel: +86-25-86907288     Fax: +86-25-86907266


      Please keep the above information and kindly revise relevant contracts, bills and forms accordingly.


      Thank you for your consistent support and concern, and we will continue to maintain a very close cooperative relationship with you!


      Best wishes!





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